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Indiana University Announcements / Other
View DetailsVPCPF Construction Procurement - Bid Tabs & Awards
Bid Awards
Indiana University

Indiana University Bloomington
View DetailsBL200C Metz Bicentennial Carillon BP2
Informational Posting Only
Weddle Bros. Construction
View DetailsBL436 & BL440 - North Housing A and B (Pre Bid Mtg 11/16 at 11AM or 11/21 at 1PM)
Indiana University12/06/2018
View DetailsBL608 MESH - Renovation for Drone Lab
Indiana University11/15/2018
View DetailsBL608 MESH Renovation for Bio Engineering Lab - Room 073
Indiana University11/20/2018
View DetailsBL608 MESH Renovation for Bio Engineering Lab Suite with Lab Support
Indiana University11/21/2018

Indiana University IUPUI

View DetailsIN007 Wilson Street Garage - Elevator Rehabilitation
Indiana University11/21/2018
View DetailsIN024 VanNuys Medical Science - Roof Replacement Phase 2 (Pre Bid Mtg 11/20/18 at 11AM or 2:30PM)
Indiana University12/05/2018
View DetailsIN038 Medical Research & Library - Medical Research & Van Nuys - Restroom Renovation
Indiana University11/13/2018
View DetailsIN038 Medical Research & Library Freight Elevators - Renovation (Pre Bid Mtg 11/1 at 10AM or 1PM)
Indiana University11/13/2018
View DetailsIN086 Business/SPEA- AHU#1- Control Replacement
Indiana University12/04/2018
View DetailsIN088 University Library Rm 1125 - Redesign for Collaborative Space
Indiana University10/30/2018
View DetailsIN102 Education & Social Work- AHU#4 and Related Controls Replacement
Indiana University12/05/2018
View DetailsMadam Walker Theatre Renovation
Informational Posting Only

Indiana University East

View DetailsEA803 - Brice E. Hayes Hall - Renovations to Rms 099, 135, 137,140
Indiana University11/15/2018

Indiana University Kokomo

View DetailsKO863 Kokomo East- AHU Component Replacement
Indiana University11/20/2018

Indiana University NorthWest

View DetailsNW000B Multi-Building Restroom Upgrade
Indiana University12/04/2018
View DetailsNW827 Anderson Library Conference Center - Mechanical and Interior Renovations
Indiana University10/30/2018