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Indiana University Announcements / Other
View DetailsVPCPF Construction Procurement - Bid Tabs & Awards
Bid Awards
Indiana University

Indiana University Bloomington
View DetailsBL452 SPEA KSOB Classroom Renovation
Indiana University07/24/2018

Indiana University IUPUI

View DetailsIN038 Medical Research and Library - Switchgear Replacement
Indiana University07/12/2018
View DetailsIN049 North Street Parking Garage - Flooding Issues
Indiana University07/25/2018
View DetailsIN072 Engineering, Science & Technology Building - Masonry Repairs
Indiana University07/11/2018
View DetailsIN102 Education & Social Work - Renovation of Suites 2126 & 2130
Indiana University
View DetailsIN204 Neuroscience Research Rm 001 - Renovation (Pre Bid Mtg. 07/19 at 1PM)
Indiana University07/31/2018