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Indiana University Bloomington
View DetailsBL000A - Seventeenth Street Stormwater Detention System
Indiana University03/22/2018
View DetailsBL000A Crescent Steam Tunnel Repairs
Indiana University02/08/2018
View DetailsBL000A IU Golf Course Renovation BP#1 Site Clearing & Erosion Control
Informational Posting Only
Landscapes Unlimited, LLC02/27/2018
View DetailsBL000A Old Crescent - Owen Hall to Third Street Sidewalk Restoration
Indiana University03/06/2018
View DetailsBL153 Art Museum - Replace Emergency Generator
Indiana University03/08/2018
View DetailsBL304 Mason Hall - New Sprinkler System and Fire Alarm System Replacement (Pre Bid 2/6 at 1030AM or 130PM)
Indiana University02/22/2018
View DetailsBL603 Assembly Hall Rooms 017, 019, 019A Control Room Renovation
Indiana University03/06/2018

Indiana University IUPUI

View DetailsIN000A Parking Lot 85 Upgrade
Indiana University03/07/2018
View DetailsIN000A Various IUPUI Parking Lots - Resurfacing
Indiana University03/01/2018
View DetailsIN048 Hine Hall Rooms 106 & 108 Renovations
Indiana University02/08/2018
View DetailsIN066 Vermont Garage - Exterior Renovations
Indiana University03/13/2018
View DetailsIN085 Taylor Hall - AHU#2 Replacement
Indiana University02/28/2018
View DetailsIN085 Taylor Hall Entrance Modifications
Indiana University02/14/2018

Indiana University East

View DetailsEA000A IUE Campus Main Drive Re-Paving
Indiana University02/28/2018

Indiana University SouthEast

View DetailsSE874 Library/SE888 Knobview Hall/SE 889 Ogle Center- Boiler Repair/Replacement (Pre Bid 02/06 at 1030AM)
Indiana University02/22/2018
View DetailsSE878F IU Southeast New Housing Lodge
Indiana University03/14/2018

Indiana University IUPU Columbus

View DetailsCO000A IUPU Columbus- Parking Lot Resurfacing
Indiana University03/01/2018