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Indiana University Bloomington
View DetailsBL000A Metz Carillon Demolition
Indiana University12/01/2017
View DetailsBL000B Multi Building - Athletics Scoreboards (Bart Kaufman Field & Andy Mohr Field) (Pre Bid 11/2 at 1PM)
Indiana University11/21/2017
View DetailsBL148 Music Addition Roof Replacement (Pre Bid 11/15 at 10AM or 130PM)
Indiana University11/30/2017
View DetailsBL153 Eskenazi Museum of Art Renovation
Informational Posting Only
F.A. Wilhelm10/30/2017
View DetailsBL171 Auditorium - Door Review-Modifications (Pre Bid 11/21 at 10AM or 2PM)
Indiana University12/08/2017
View DetailsBL224E 1514 E. 3rd Street Renovations for Admissions
Indiana University11/30/2017
View DetailsBL227 Read Hall Catering Kitchen Renovation (Pre Bid 10/25 at 10AM)
Indiana University11/07/2017
View DetailsBL409 Fine Arts Studio Building – Addition/Renovation (Pre Bid 10/17 at 130PM or 10/18 at 2PM)
Indiana University11/09/2017
View DetailsBL554C 2530 East Tenth St - Building Demolition (Pre Bid 11/10 at 10AM)
Indiana University11/21/2017
View DetailsBL608 MESH ISE Fames Lab School of Informatics and Computing (Pre Bid 11/14 at 10AM and 11AM)
Indiana University11/30/2017
View DetailsBL608 MESH MEP Infrastructure Upgrades High Bay Area (Pre Bid 11/14 at 10AM and 11AM)
Indiana University11/29/2017
View DetailsBL608 Multidisciplinary Engineering & Science Hall - Drosophila Stock Center
Indiana University11/21/2017
View DetailsBL990C 631 E. 3rd Street Site Reutilization
Indiana University11/08/2017

Indiana University IUPUI

View DetailsIN014 Riley Research - Elevator Rehab (Pre Bid Mtg 11/14 at 10AM or 2PM)
Indiana University11/28/2017
View DetailsIN014 Riley Research - Masonry Repairs
Indiana University12/05/2017
View DetailsIN024 VanNuys Medical Science Building - Roof Replacement (Pre Bid 11/17 at 10AM or 1PM)
Indiana University12/06/2017
View DetailsIN038 Medical Research & Library - Masonry Repairs
Indiana University12/05/2017
View DetailsIN114 Natatorium Locker Rooms 053/054 - Remodel (Pre Bid 11/27 at 10AM or 11/28 at 10AM)
Indiana University12/12/2017

Indiana University South Bend

View DetailsSB860 Administration Building- Replace HVAC Coils (Penthouse)
Indiana University11/16/2017

Indiana University SouthEast

View DetailsSE000B Multi-Building - Install Electrical Meters
Indiana University11/30/2017
View DetailsSE874 Library/SE888 Knobview Hall/SE 889 Ogle Center- Boiler Repair/Replacement (Pre Bid 11/15 at 1030AM or 130PM)
Indiana University12/05/2017
View DetailsSE888 Knobview Hall - Multi Restroom Renovation Rms 016,116,216,& 018, 118,218
Indiana University12/06/2017