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Indiana University Announcements / Other
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Bid Awards
Indiana University

Indiana University Bloomington
View DetailsBL000A - IUB Campus - Site Paving
Indiana University04/27/2018
View DetailsBL000A IU Golf Course Renovation BP#3 Clubhouse
Informational Posting Only
Landscapes Unlimited, LLC04/27/2018
View DetailsBL000A IUB Campus - Steam Tunnel Repair (East of Psychology)
Indiana University04/19/2018
View DetailsBL000A New Campus Network-Duct Bank (MESH, Various Facilities)
Indiana University04/25/2018
View DetailsBL000A Steam Chilled Water Replacement (Collins Center)
Indiana University04/19/2018
View DetailsBL000A Steam Condensate Piping Replacement (Woodlawn Field)
Indiana University04/19/2018
View DetailsBL059 Lindley Hall - 102 Classroom Renovation
Indiana University04/13/2018
View DetailsBL107 Jordan Hall A008-A013 - Renovate for Teaching Labs
Indiana University04/24/2018
View DetailsBL200C Metz Bicentennial Carillon (Pre Bid Mtg. 1030AM or 1PM)
Indiana University04/18/2018
View DetailsBL209 Wells Library - Convert Escalator to Stairs (Pre Bid Mtg. 10AM or 1PM)
Indiana University04/20/2018
View DetailsBL304 Mason Hall New Sprinkler System and Fire Alarm System Replacement (Pre Bid Mtg. 04/12 at 1030AM or 130PM)
Indiana University04/26/2018
View DetailsBL313 Eigenmann Hall 8th/9th Floor Renovations
Indiana University05/10/2018
View DetailsBL451 Hodge Hall Water Line Replacement
Indiana University05/15/2018
View DetailsBL579 Data Center Energy Conservation (Pre Bid Mtg. 05/03 at 10AM or 1PM)
Indiana University05/17/2018
View DetailsBL600 Wilkinson Hall - New LED Scoreboard (Pre Bid Mtg. 04/10 at 1PM)
Indiana University04/26/2018
View DetailsBL603 Assembly Hall Rooms 017, 019, 019A Control Room Renovation
Indiana University04/18/2018
View DetailsBL603 Simon SKJODT Assembly Hall - Mens Basketball Rms (073-087) Renovation
Indiana University04/27/2018
View DetailsBL608 MESH, Cyber Physical Systems Lab & Computer Lab
Indiana University05/09/2018
View DetailsBL655 Wylie House Museum - Reconstruction of North Porch
Indiana University05/08/2018

Indiana University IUPUI

View DetailsIN000A Paver Repairs - Med Science
Indiana University04/20/2018
View DetailsIN000B Multi-Building Parking Garage Repairs
Indiana University04/05/2018
View DetailsIN000B Various IUPUI Garages - Lighting Upgrade
Indiana University04/26/2018
View DetailsIN014 Riley Research - Elevator Rehab (Pre Bid Mtg. 5/1 at 10AM or 2PM)
Indiana University05/10/2018
View DetailsIN024 - Van Nuys Medical Science Building - Masonry Repairs (Pre Bid Mtg. 4/11 at 11AM or 130PM)
Indiana University04/24/2018
View DetailsIN031 Coleman Hall Elevators - Renovation (Pre Bid Mtg. 04/23 at 9AM)
Indiana University05/08/2018
View DetailsIN088 University Library - Fire Alarm System Replacement
Indiana University05/15/2018
View DetailsRFQ-IN361X Madam Walker Building Renovation
Indiana University04/30/2018

Indiana University Kokomo

View DetailsKO860 Kokomo Main - Interior Construction
Indiana University04/24/2018

Indiana University South Bend

View DetailsSB000A Ad West Parking Lot Design
Indiana University05/18/2018
View DetailsSB840 Wiekamp Hall Emergency Alarms/PA Systems Upgrades
Indiana University05/10/2018
View DetailsSB850 Northside Hall Renovate/Replace Elevators (Pre Bid Mtg. 04/23 at 10AM)
Indiana University05/08/2018

Indiana University SouthEast

View DetailsSE886 Service Building - HVAC System Replacement (Pre Bid Mtg. 4/12 at 1030AM or 230PM)
Indiana University05/03/2018